Human Rights Violations in China Religious Persecution in China

Christmas – Best Gift for Chinese Children, But …

The high-pitch voice of a Chinese woman teacher was ringing dominantly around the classroom. “What festival is it on the 24th of December?” A dozen of timid children ages 9 to 10 years old answered in a very low voice. “Holy Night.” The teacher kept asking those poor children in a scolding tone, “What festival […]

Human Rights Violations in China Victims of Communism

National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2016-2020) – Another Lie!

My mom is in the hospital. I called her last night, and she described the chaotic and miserable life faced by thousands of patients seeking treatment. “Patients have to wait for months in order to see a doctor for important examinations, such as CAT scans, or surgeries. You need to buy a ticket to see […]